Some kids “things” are butterflies, some love cars/trucks or trains, some have unicorns(talking to you, Norah), But I think by now everyone knows Jude’s “thing” was donuts. So I should probably explain why.

Up until last school year, during the day, it was just me, Jude and Graves who was still a baby. Every morning after dropping her sisters and Kyle off, we would go into Kroger, get whatever we needed for dinner that night, and we would get donuts. Every single day. Say what you will about how healthy a donut a day is; us big girls gotta eat!

She would almost always pick a chocolate iced donut with sprinkles, then she would eat however much was left of mine, and wipe her sticky little fingers on her car seat or the car door, which of course drove me insane at the time, but I miss my sticky seats pretty badly these days.

On the weekends, we would sometimes send dad out for a dozen and some milk, then after we’d all had one, she would eat the rest. She would sneak and take little bites out of each one to find her favorite, and if we left them in her reach, they’d be gone over the next hour.

We tried having a dog around the time Graves was born. He came in the house one time, ate her donut off her napkin, whole. And I never saw her more heartbroken than that moment.

In preschool (which she called “Pretty School”), on Halloween, she was a “Super Donut”. She was a chocolate iced donut with rainbow sprinkles…with a cape 😂 She obviously chose her own costume, because Mama wanted her to be Moana (she looked exactly like her, but wouldn’t accept it! “I do NOT look like Moana! She’s a grown up!”)

When I was painting her bedroom door, on our last day of moving, I realized I had forgotten the back of the door, when I closed it, there were icing fingerprints, then I looked away to take a deep breath, before reaching for a paper towel, I saw her signature written underneath her light switch (sorry Landlords! I couldn’t bring myself to paint over that one).

Judy my donut💜 I miss her so much. I wish with everything in me, I could just take her to get donuts one more time.

Next Wednesday would have been her 6th birthday…her first one gone. I’ve been racking my brain (and those of my Facebook friends) for ideas on how to celebrate. I think we’re going to have a donut party.

Edit: After sharing this, my grandmother (Nanny), Jude’s sweetheart, sent me this picture:

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