Always something…

I’m currently banned from Facebook until the beginning of next month for posting this photo of my angel.

Not sure if it was flagged by someone in my friends list, or it was marked by some kind of algorithm, but either way it hurts.

Sharing memories and photos are how I keep her alive, because she deserves to be alive. That’s my only goal anymore, is to make sure people know about and remember her always, because she was supposed to change the world and everyone would have known her, but her chance was stolen from her.

It always seems to be something. I’ll be able to share on Facebook again the day of the 6 month anniversary of her death…

I just want her back. I wish I had new pictures of her to share, but what I have is all I have. Luckily, that girl was a big fan of the camera.

It’s always in the back of my mind that maybe someone will come into my life who can save her, and bring her back to me, or will let me go back in time so I could protect her. As ridiculous and illogical as it is, it’s always in my head. I know it’s not realistic. I know Our family is no special case, and people lose their kids every day. I know. Not sure how it’s relevant to my current issue, other than it’s why I always talk about her. Mostly I talk about her and share about her because she needs to be remembered, but there’s also this tiny little part, buried under each post, written by my subconscious, hoping I’ll say the right thing and the right person will read it or hear me, and…

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  1. Jude was super special and surely would have changed the world. She certainly changed our world. I’ll never forget my sweet precious Jude who loved to cuddle with me one minute and the next minute was down wrestling with her buddy, Corey! I love and miss her so much. It’s a void which will never be filled. We love you Katii! ❤️


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