Sleepy Girl

I wish I had taken a photo of how she slept at night. I’d come in to wake her up for school, and her Minnie Mouse comforter would be in a wad in the corner of her bed as if she’d already gotten up. But it you would just peel back an edge (if you could find one), there she would be, cuddled up in a ball with her stuffed seals, hair all over the place and full of lint which her curls attracted like no other.

After she was gone, her former preschool teacher told me about how they had to be careful waking her up after nap time because sometimes she would strip into just her underwear (like at home) while she was in her pallet. She didn’t know any different. It was sleeping time and she wanted to be comfy.

She was so wonderful and weird in the best ways. My sleepy little girl.

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